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Any limo hire company which has been in the industry for a little while will have been faced with the big question - am I looking to maintain my regular clients or am I looking for opportunities to expand?

In looking to secure enough' work a limo hire company has to decide what is enough? And also the amount of work and clients which is enough one year, may not be enough the next year when the rent of your office goes up, your website hosting bill increases and of course fuel prices rise as regularly as the sun. Also, in securing just enough work, you have to be sure that the customers and passengers that you have, are always going to be there, and while some of them will be, it is just as likely some of the passengers you thought were regulars find they too are facing rising costs.

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So do you look to expand your business, and the first obvious answer is yes. After all this is why you started a limo hire company, to allow you to eventually build up your fleet, hire more chauffeurs and run a flourishing company. However, while expanding will bring in more business and more money, expanding itself requires money.

Hmmm. So do you want to maintain your regular passengers or do you want to expand? Well, you want to do a little of both. While doing just one or the other can set your on course for disaster, working towards both goals is a good business strategy. Spreading your limo hire customers out as much as you can ensures that if one partnership, affiliation or corporate customer decides not to use your fleets, you have other customers to fall back on.

However, at the same time, you want to work to make sure that your regular customers don't decide to search out other limousine services, and that your partnerships are lucrative. So while it may seem that in keeping your old customers you're not searching for new ones, and in searching for new customers you're neglecting your old ones, it is the most important catch 22 balance.

While you take care of your old customers you won't need new customers, but by taking care of your old customers, you have the security and the cash flow to search for new customers. New customers then inject new funds into your business and allow you to better take care of your existing customers by updating your fleet and retraining your chauffeurs to offer even better service. So go on, have it both ways.