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When you hire a limousine in High Wycombe, you probably have an image of yourself sitting back in the comfort of your plush leather seats and sipping a glass of champagne you have just poured from the limo bar. However, not all limousine hire companies have a liquor license for all of their limousines, and so you may have to supply your own alcohol for the trip.

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You should also be aware that if you are drinking from the limo bar, make sure that the limo hire company has opened a fresh bottle of wine, champagne or spirits for your limo ride. Not only is it possible the alcohol in your limo bar could be old, it may also have been sitting in the limo bar with dozens of other passengers doing who knows what with the bottles and their contents.

Therefore, if you are drinking from the limo bar, make sure that you drink from sealed bottled you have opened yourself, or you have seen your chauffeur open in front of you. This way you know you are not drinking a combination of the dregs of the spirits or wine left by other passengers that week, and you don't risk drinking from a bottle a previous passenger has handled, or worse still, who has drank straight from the bottle.

Also make sure you know where your limousine drinks have been stored before you were picked up for your limo ride. You want to make sure that if you are drinking wine that it has not been stored in the limousine as the extreme heat or cold from being inside a vehicle can seriously affect the quality of your drinks, especially if you are drinking wine.

For more information about hiring a limousine with a freshly stocked limo bar and professionally served drinks, wine and spirits, contact Royal Berkshire Limo Hire now.