Limo Hire Scams..

In Sarasota a 43 year old man has been arrested for not paying for his limousine hire, and not just once but twice. The scam artist, Brian Scott Taulman, was arrested in a bar while his limousine was parked and waiting for him outside.

Having already skipped out on a previous limo hire payment, he had been tracked down and the police hoped to be able to force him to pay for his limo hire. However, after being given numerous opportunities to pay his chauffeur, Taulman couldn't come up with the US $325 for the limo hire. Having avoided paying for his limousine hire just a week earlier, the Sherriff's Office now has an open case against Taulman and he has been arrested on the charge of failing to pay for a hired vehicle.

While the amount may seem small, for a limo hire company to regularly lose these amounts of payment for hiring out their limousines, they not only run that limousine at a loss for that night as they still have to pay their chauffeur, but they also end up with a reputation as a limo hire company which can be taken for a ride.

This is why when you are hiring a limousine you are likely to be asked for a deposit for your limo hire, usually a percentage of the total cost, and most limo hire companies will also ensure your total hire payment is made before their limousine leaves to pick you up on the night. If you don't pay for the limo hire before your event, it is likely you will pay your chauffeur when you are picked up, and before they take you where you want to go.

While you may feel uncomfortable about paying for services you are yet to receive, in making sure they have their money, the limo hire company can be sure they are operating a successful and profitable business and ensure you receive the best possible service. This is another important reason to make sure you hire a limousine from a reputable limo hire company, as you can be sure that even though they have your money they will provide your service, and your contract will cover the eventuality of your limo not being able to pick you up, even if you have paid.

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