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Modern limousines have so many different extras and accessories that sometimes they do not always operate in harmony. This can be because they were installed at different times, or because to make the most of the space inside the limousine and include all of the extras, construction did not take into account any maintenance.

For example, in some cases where the limousine's TV needs maintenance other parts of the limousine need to be moved, or removed, to gain access. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds, for example, to work on the TV in a Lincoln Town Car, you often have to remove the bar to get to the equipment.

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While this may sound simple enough, pulling parts out of a limousine to play around with other parts can often end up costing you more than the limousine did in the first place. You not only have to make sure you can get the bar out to get to the TV, but you also want to be sure you can put it back in as good as new when you have finished your TV maintenance.

Therefore, the best option is often to contact the coach builder who originally modified the limousine and put in the TV and the bar and any other accessories you need to play around with. Unfortunately, as with the ever changing styles of limousines, coach builders can often come and go and it can be hard to track down the person who originally worked on your limousine.

In this case, you will need to do your research and find another coach builder or a mechanic who has experience with your model of limousine, or with the accessories you are trying to access because in paying a professional to pull your limousine apart, you are also paying them to put it back together and saving yourself a lot of time and money if you had to replace the whole vehicle.