The Hummers have found that their sales are being battered by forces they can’t batter back.....

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It is a sad day the toughest cars on the road are being hit hard. The Hummers have found that their sales are being battered by forces they can't batter back. Hummers have found that with rising fuel costs and their dip in popularity, their sales are lagging.

Regardless of this, the company launched its smallest Hummer yet, the H3 in an attempt to move away from the military vehicle image and into the mainstream 4WD image. The H3 is 15cm narrower and 45 cm shorter than the H2 making it more manoeuvrable on some of the more narrow roads in the UK, in the hopes of appealing to the Soccer Mum' category. Inside also has more headroom and legroom than the H2, even with a smaller body.

The H3 is not just 4WD in name, it also has huge 33 inch tyres for serious off-road action and a straightforward 4x4 system with simply low range and locking centre diffs. However, the H3 has not forgotten its military roots and some may find it lurches through the automatic gear box due to the four long-geared speeds.

To compensate however, the H3 has a very strong self-centring feature in the steering allowing the driver to relax and enjoy the ride. The steering is also weighted but this can lead to instability very quickly as too with the brakes you will need to show them who is boss to get a response.

However, taking the good with the bad, the Hummer H3 is marketed and used as a REAL 4WD and does not apologise for being a little hard to handle. Having said that, there are plenty of features in the H3 which make it just as good to ride in as it is to drive.

Perhaps this is why the stretch Hummers have taken off so well here. While everyone wants the head-turning, double-take first impression only a Hummer can give, they don't want to have to negotiate a close relative of the army truck into the shopping centre car park.

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