Limos On Camera

While it is not uncommon to see surveillance cameras in shops, malls and even in many taxis, they are now becoming the norm in limos too, at least in Long Island and for a number of good reasons.

Of the approximately 800 limousines in Long Island, around a third have surveillance cameras in them. However, while surveillance cameras are used in stores and taxis to check on the passengers and customers and protect the driver in case of an attack, the Long Island limousine hire companies are using their surveillance cameras to check up on their drivers.

Limousines must have very comprehensive insurance policies because of the amount and frequency of passengers they carry, to protect the company, the chauffeur and the passengers in case of an accident.

However, like any of us, the limo hire companies don't want to pay damages or insurance claims if an accident is not the fault of one of their drivers. Therefore, the surveillance cameras are there to make sure that liability can be proven in the case of an accident.

The cameras give an excellent picture and it is just as good as if the viewer was sitting in the front seat of the limo with the chauffeur.

The cameras are also equipped with GPS to keep track of the location and speed of each limousine giving the chauffeurs an excellent incentive to drive safely and carefully at all times. This self-regulation of chauffeurs can be seen in the reduction of accidents as well as the reduced wear and tear on the limousines. While the surveillance systems are $2,500 each, limo hire companies who use them feel the cost is justified by the benefits.

While chauffeurs are trusted and respected drivers, there are those in every industry who threaten to give the rest a bad name. So instead of hearing a bad report about a chauffeur's driving from an unhappy customer, the limo hire companies can monitor performance first hand; like the old saying goes, if you you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide'.