Smoking Laws...

When cigarettes were first produced, smoking was seen as cool, sexy and fun - everyone was doing it. Now however, smoking is seen almost universally as being a disgusting and sickening habit and it is well known that smoking will kill you, both directly and passively.

Therefore, smoking has been banned in most public places such as restaurants, shops, bars and clubs where the staff were complaining of feeling sick and continually unwell after working shifts where smokers had been inside.

It was decided that staff were entitled to a smoke free work place and so smokers were moved away from the bars and eating areas and in most cases, outside.

However, one place that smoking is still allowed is in certain limousines. You have to ask for a smoking limousine, but if you so choose, you can often find a limo hire company with a smoking limousine for you to hire.

The laws are different everywhere however. While smoking has been banned almost across the board in every public place, you can see by the laws of New Jersey state that there is no smoking on all types of buses but you can still smoke on the smoking cars of trains, in limousines and in taxis with no other passengers.

So the laws are protecting most workers from the hazards of second hand smoke, but not the limousine chauffeurs and the taxi drivers. While smokers wait until they are outside to smoke when they are at a restaurant, they are still able to smoke inside limousines.

Will limousines continue to be exempt from the no smoking laws because of the prestige associated with limousines and the prestige of the people who ride in the limousines