Thunderbirds Limousine

Girls everywhere know that a pink limousine is the only way to go for a special girl's night out. If we could, we'd drive around in one everyday but the hire costs would be a bit impractical.

However, before limousines began being used for proms and hen's nights and before you could even think of hiring a pink limousine, the Thunderbirds were saving the world and doing it in style.

Lady Penelope of the Thunderbirds is well known for her pink Rolls-Royce limousine and her dutiful chauffeur - Parker. Lady Penelope is the British agent for the International rescue team and her character is one who has lead a previously well funded but dull life and is eventually approached by the Thunderbirds and offered the position as an agent.

Thunderbirds was a hit TV series in the 1960s and was reinvented as a movie in 2004. Lady Penelope's pink limousine was remodelled for the 2004 movie and while it was based on the original 1960s model, it was updated to reflect the setting of the new movie in 2024.

Lady Penelope's car - FAB1 - is a six-wheeled pink Rolls-Royce in the TV series. The faithful chauffeur sits comfortably in the centre of the front of the car under a bubble canopy.

The pink limousine is also equipped with all the necessary gadgets for Lady Penelope to save the world, including guns and even a hydrofoil. For the TV series, Rolls-Royce even supplied a radiator grille with the Spirit of Ecstasy, which is the hood ornament on all Rolls-Royce vehicles.

In the 2004 Thunderbirds movie, Lady Penelope's car is still a pink limousine with six wheels and a glass canopy - now tinted to protect Parker from the sun's rays - the vehicle is not officially a Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce threatened legal action if their name was used on the car. However, when the modernised pink limousine was first introduced, it was consistently likened to the Rolls-Royce Phantom limousine

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