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8 Wheeler Hummer Limousine Hire..

The 8 Wheeler Hummer (pictured below) is one of the newest style limousines of Hummer limousines in the UK. This amazing limousine was one of the most popular limos in the recent Limousine & Chauffeur Show and also featured at the British International Motor Show in London ExCeL.

8 Wheeler Hummer Limo

The 8 wheeler Hummmer limos can be hired in most parts of the UK. Please contact us for full details.

When any vehicle is stretched from its original size and shape, there are a lot more things to consider than just what brand of TV to install and what types of drinks should be stocked in the bar.

stretch limousines look amazing and are great fun to ride in, however, there are many coach builders out there who do not follow safety or manufacturing guidelines when stretching vehicles.

Mitch Millett is the boss at the UK Hummer importer Bauer Millett and he says that he sees many Hummer stretch limousines which have simply been ‘cut and shut’. Millett says that of the approximately 50 Hummers already in the UK, around 15 have been through his workshop with transmission and wheel problems.

Since the stretching is done after manufacture, there are often no other changes made to the vehicle making it dangerous and unroadworthy. However, Millett says this is not the case with all stretch Hummers and points to the brand new custom built 8 Wheeler Hummer which made its debut at the Limo Show.

The 8 wheeler Hummer has been specially manufactured to be used as a stretch limousine and party bus and Millett is confident about not seeing it in his workshop anytime soon.

However, the existing Hummers on our roads aren’t so lucky. Because all vehicles are built with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) specifying how much weight it is safe for the vehicle to carry, when vehicles are stretched, the GVWR is often exceeded.

While manufacturers can safely exceed the GVWR if they make other adjustments to the vehicles as well, many don’t bother. For example, the extra weight, length and size of a stretched vehicle affects the steering, the braking and the impact points of a car. Therefore the stretching must be done by a qualified coach builder, working to the original manufacturer’s specifications for safety and quality.

So the next time you hire a super stretch limo or Hummer, ask about the stretching process and manufacturing guidelines for your safety.

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