Hotel Taxi Service Limo Hire

There are many different types of limo hire companies around and while some only take corporate clients to business meetings and work functions, there are others which pride themselves on being able to offer their customers a bit of extra luxury on a day to day basis in place of an ordinary taxi for runs such as airport transfers or shopping trips.

It is these limo hire companies which are constantly in battle with the taxi companies as each thinks the other is in their territory and taking their customers. The limo hire companies which rely on the customers wanting airport transfers are missing out at Pindling Airport because the local hotels are offering taxis to their guests and not limousine transfers.

The limo hire companies find that the tour companies and hotels are ignoring the limo hire industry and because of their majority hold over the tourists in the area, the limo hire companies are missing out on the profitable tourist dollars.

The local hotels are also avoiding using the services of the local limo hire companies because some of the more prestigious hotels also have their own luxury cars and use these to transport their guests without the need to call a taxi or a limo hire company.

Because of the package deals and services between the hotels and the tour companies, there is very little opportunity for the limo hire companies to pick up extra work regardless of how busy tourist season is. The fact that many tourists organise everything from their hotel to their airport transfers before they leave home, means the limo hire companies are unable to get into the tourist market.

This is why many limo hire companies approach travel agents, wedding planners and funeral directors when they first start their business to build industry contacts and relationships to ensure that even though everyone simply opts for a simple package deal, they are the limo hie company included in that deal.

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